Nail polish isn’t just for nails anymore! There are lots of crafty gals out there that have come up with creative ways for us to customize everyday items and give them some extra glam using nothing more than nail polish! How many of us have bottles and bottles of nail polish shoved in a box in our closet? We only use them once or twice and then get tired of the color! Luckily crafty gals have come to the rescue and gave us some fun DIYs to put those lonely nail polish bottles out of their misery.

  1. Decorate your phone charger: At sleepovers all of my friends and I have iPhones, so we always get our phone chargers mixed up! The solution? Make yours unique! Make a cute design with nail polish or cover it all in glitter polish, the options are endless!56863f8dd4525d6db542e357f4262d07
  2. Customize your phone case: Find a clear case on Amazon for a dollar or two or just paint over a case you already have! Search for tutorials on YouTube if you need some creative inspiration!
  3. Color coordinate your keys: If you have a billion keys and it takes you 12 minutes just to find the right one, paint them with nail polish! It will help you distinguish them from each other.
  4. Cover up car scratches: Have you accidentally bumped into something or scratched your car? Nail polish is a life saver. Find a shade that matches your car and touch it up a bit.

Now you can get some use out of all of those abandoned nail polishes that have been used once or twice and then forgotten! Let’s get to crafting.

XOXO, Chels