Pinterest DIY face treatments can sometimes be deceiving. The can do more harm than good if you aren’t too careful! If you want to avoid unnecessary irritation and breakouts on your face, check out the tips below on what to never put on your face.

  1. Hairspray: A lot of people spritz their face with hairspray to help their makeup stay on longer, but hairspray contains alcohols which suck the moisture right out of your face! It fan also clog your pores and cause acne flair ups. Yuck!sugar-03
  2. Lemon juice: Citrus fruits have a ton of acid so they easily irritate your skin. Also, lemons have a chemical in them that can make your skin very sensitive to light, which means if you put lemon juice on your face and then go outside for a long period of time, your skin could blister.
  3. Really hot water: Steam facials are great for you, but washing your face with hot water is another story. The thought is that hot water kills bacteria, but it actually strips the moisture out of your skin! Use warm water instead.
  4. Sugar: Although it is known as a good skin exfoliant, save it for skin other than facial skin. The big particles can cause microscopic tears in your skin and can lead to breakouts!

Keeping your face healthy and clean is just as much about what you put on it as what you don’t put on it!

XOXO, Chels