Everyone wants fuller, thicker hair.  Especially when you throw your hair up into a ponytail, you want it to appear as full and luscious as it can!  There are lots of different ways you can achieve this, you just have to follow a few tips in order to do so.  Here are 5 different tips to volumize your ponytail!

  • Before every ponytail, you’ll need to add some texture to your hair. This will make your hair look fuller before you even put it into a ponytail.  Whether you do this with mousse or texture spray, it’s the first step to almost every hairstyle!
  • Prop up your ponytail with two bobby pins. Set two bobby pins in place under your ponytail like the picture below.  This gives it the height it needs and will also help keep it in place for the night!Chelsea Crockett - Bobby Pin Hack
  • Add some dry shampoo. Dry shampoo does more than just its original purpose.  If you add some to your hair before you put it up, it’ll feel cleaner and appear thicker!
  • Tease different sections of your hair. To keep the messy look, tease different parts of your pony so it’s not too over-the-top but still has some lift in it.

Did these tips work for you?  Share with me below what works best for your hair!

Love, Chels