Before opening our presents on Christmas morning, my family checks our stockings for any little gifts my parents stuff them with. Since I love makeup, I usually know what I’m going to find tucked into my stocking. These are some of my fave to find on Christmas morning, and maybe you could give your parents an idea too!

  • An Eyelash Curler. These things are a beauty necessity for your makeup bag. They’re also inexpensive and the perfect size to fit in your stocking! Another perk is how much longer your lashes will look :).
  • Any lip product. Lipsticks, chap sticks, glosses, etc. are the ultimate stocking stuffers. If you’re wondering what colors are perfect shades for winter, I suggest any dark reds or pinks. Maroon is my go-to lip color for the holidays!Chelsea Crockett - Stocking Stuffers
  • A Blending Sponge. If you use concealer or liquid foundation, a beauty sponge is a must-have. These can be found almost anywhere from Target to Forever 21. They’re super cheap but most of the time have great quality.
  • Makeup wipes. These might not be what you want but they’re definitely what every girl needs! There are too many nights where these save me from falling asleep with my makeup on. If you want a suggestion on which brand, Neutrogena is my go-to!
  • Nail polish. A girl can never have too much nail polish, am I right? Some of my favorite holiday shades are maroon, black, and gray. You can some at Target for an awesome price. You could even buy two or three!

Let me know what you get in your stockings this year!

XOXO – Chels