Hey Insiders,

Today I am going to fill you in on some of the best kept secrets in the world of beauty. You might be surprised at what you find!

1. Do you have dry brittle hair? Here’s a great trick.  Use mayo as a hair mask! It may smell kind of disgusting while you are applying it, but it gives you’re a hair a quick picker upper. The oils and fats in mayo give your hair moisture and a shiny sheen. There is also egg in mayo, which works to strengthen your luscious locks.

2. Don’t pick at a chipped nail. If you cant stand having cracks in your nail polish and cannot get to a salon, check this tip out. Grab something small and sharp (items like toothpicks, or the tip of a pin works) and swipe a tiny bit of nail glue into the crack, let it dry, and then paint over it with a base coat and polish.

3. Get shiny hair in seconds. Douse your hair in ice water. The cold of the water seals your cuticles. This makes your hair look smoother, silkier, and shinier. The one warning I will give you is not to dip your scalp in the water if you are prone to brain freezes. If you can handle cold water, working it into your scalp is actually very beneficial to hair growth. The cold stimulates your hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

4. Use Pam help solidify your manicure. By spraying Pam cooking spray on your freshly painted nails, it is preventing them from smudging or getting divots. Oil helps them dry faster!

 5. Got super oily hair and need a quick fix? Snatch up a packet of plain dry oatmeal. It absorbs oil just as well as powder and dry shampoo, and it’s easy to brush out. It is also super cheap and you can find it around your house!

Are you surprised at what you have found? I know I was.