Concealer is a life saver when it comes to baggy eyes and random pimples, but there are other, outside-of-the-box uses that have recently been brought to my attention… And let me tell you, you will never look at concealer the same! I love discovering beauty hacks and sharing them with you all. So… here are five concealer hacks!

  1. Spoiler alert: concealer can actually be used as a subtle lip liner that makes your lips pop! If you apply a layer around both your upper and lower lips, it will give off a more plump lip illusion.Chelsea Crockett - Contour
  2. Concealer is the key to contouring. Without it, your face won’t be highlighted enough to complete the look. The picture on the right shows where you’re supposed to apply the concealer for the best contour results. Follow it! I promise it works like magic!
  3. Apply a dab of concealer to your eyelids before applying eye shadow. This prevents the shadow from setting in your creases and falling off easily!
  4. Everyone wants perfect eyebrows, am I right? Apply a light concealer around the outline of your brows to make them pop! It makes them so much more noticeable.
  5. Have you ever heard of green concealer? Let me tell you, it’s a lifesaver. The color of the concealer cancels out the redness of acne and covers up pimples better than normal concealer. Buy some and try it out for yourself!

I hope these make your life a little bit easier :)!

XO – Chelsea