I’ll admit it… I can be extremely lazy! Especially in the summer when I like to lounge around and relax. If you don’t absolutely love doing your makeup, it can be exhausting putting it on day after day. These tips are for any of the above!

  1. Getting the perfect cat eye is a difficult task for anyone, but if you have an old credit/hotel card, the task becomes a little bit easier! Look to the right!Chelsea Crockett - Cat Eye Hack
  2. If you hate finding the perfect gloss shade but still want some shimmer, apply Vaseline on your lips! They’ll be shiny and moisturized at the same time.
  3. Some of you feel the need to redo your makeup if you sweat/rub it off throughout the day. Instead, apply a setting spray so your makeup will stay on 10x longer!
  4. After a long day, it’s hard to find motivation to get ready for bed. Keep a pack of makeup wipes on your nightstand/by your bed to substitute as your face wash for the night. (Don’t do this every night, though! Your face needs to be washed!)
  5. I think dry shampoo was made for lazy people, it’s a genius product! If you can’t find the time to wash your hair as much as you should (or you just don’t want to!), spray a little by your scalp and around your head. It’s perfect if your hair easily looks greasy or oily, as well.

I hope these help if you’re a little tiresome this summer :)!