There are several different makeup brushes that serve several different purposes. You may have many brushes that you’re using in the wrong place. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which brush is for foundation, blush, or powder! Here are 5 must-have makeup brushes that have their own specific purpose that will make a difference in your everyday makeup look!

  • Foundation Brush. Foundation brushes have rounded edges for reaching even the crevices of your face. Try it out with liquid or even powder foundation!Chelsea Crockett - Beauty Blender
  • Blending Brush. Blending brushes are smaller and are perfect for tying together each product. Apply your makeup and blend it together by moving your brush in a circular motion.
  • Concealer Brush. Concealer is the product that brings everything together. It not only gets rid of dark circles but blemishes and breakouts, too. You never want your concealer to leave white circles or lighter areas on your face. Use a concealer brush with rounded edges to smooth everything out!
  • Beauty Blender. If you’re looking for something to blend everything together, a beauty blender is where it’s at. I use this for anything from blending concealer to applying liquid foundation. It leaves a smooth and flawless finish!
  • Powder Brush. When it comes to a powder foundation, you have to have a particular kind of brush. You never want your foundation to look caked on. In order for applying it evenly, you have to use a specific kind of brush!

Which brush do you always have in your makeup bag? Share with me below!

XOXO, Chelsea