Music festivals are the perfect opportunity to dress up in your most stylish festival gear and take lots of pics with your friends!  Although rocking a cute outfit and glamorous makeup is important, you’ll need a hairstyle to complete your look, as well.  Since festivals can often be hot and sweaty, here are 5 perfect hairstyles for the occasion!

  • Braided Top Buns. Chelsea Crockett - Braided Top Buns Like the picture on the right, a braided top buns look is super cute!  It’s a good hairstyle to keep hair out of your face which helps when you’re out in the sun!
  • Half-Up Loose Bun.  Contrary to top nots and tight high ponytails, loose, messy buns are totally in.  It’s okay if your hair is a little messy, it’s supposed to be with this look!
  • A Jeweled Headpiece.  When it comes to festivals, there’s pretty much no such thing as “going too all out.”  Buy a simple jeweled headpiece and try it out for yourself!   
  • Center Part Double Braids.  Ohhh, the double braids trend… It’s still alive and thriving!  This is a perfect option for hot weather and dancing to your favorite bands!
  • Glitter Roots.  This is a new trend that is SO cute and fun!  You can look up all the different ways you can do this on Pinterest or YouTube.  You can add lots of glitter or only a little, whatever you want!

Which hairstyle are you going to try out?  Let me know below and what festival you’re attending, as well!  Maybe I’ll see you there :).

XOXO – Chelsea