When I see the words “stress relief” on a product, I’m automatically drawn in. Under piles of homework, hours of practice, and several shifts of work… yikes! We could use some unwinding. I’ve discovered a few things that work to relive stress and anxiety that are all they actually say they are. Here are my 5 faves!

  1. Bath products are an amazing way to unwind. Just pop in a bath bomb and hop into the tub. You can sit back, smell the scents, and relax in the hot water. Lavender scents and spearmint are excellent anti stressors, so make those your top choices!Chelsea Crockett - Stress Relief Lotion
  2. Citrus fruits are another way to help calm your nerves. Apparently, eating and/or smelling them prevents a spike in anxiety reducing cortisol. They are called Vitamin C stress busters!
  3. Outdoor exercise is an excellent way to relieve your stress. Research suggests that being in nature helps you to get-up-and-go and reduces exhaustion. So take a bike ride or go for a jog…. it’ll help get your energy levels up!
  4. At Bath & Body Works, you can find Stress Relief Aromatherapy lotion. With its variety of scents from spearmint to tangerine, I love applying it after I get out of the shower or before I go to sleep not only to vanish away the stress but to smell good too!
  5. Meditation is proven to reduce stress and negative emotions. Try taking a yoga class or do it by yourself by dimming the lights and setting a soothing atmosphere. Get comfortable and watch the stress melt away.

I could always use more ways to relax and unwind. Let me know below what your go-to product or activity for stress relief is below!

XOXO, Chelsea