We’ve all learned about how healthy fruits and vegetables benefit your body in numerous ways.  But did you know some foods can benefit your body in different ways such as a brighter smile and healthier hair?  I like to call these “beauty foods”Wink.  Here are five of my favorites!Chelsea Crockett - Beauty Foods

  1. Apples and carrots are not only good for your body, but for your teeth, too!  The hardness of these foods causes you to chew longer and harder which helps remove the stains and bacteria on your teeth.  Nuts are also a good snack to help make your teeth shine.  They have certain minerals in them which are essential for teeth growth.
  2. For healthy hair, you need your vitamins!  Foods rich in vitamins such as blueberries, spinach, sweet potatoes, and chicken are all good for strengthening the strands of your hair in addition to making it look shinier and healthier!
  3. If you’re a fish eater, you’ve already got many benefits going for you!  Fish such as salmon is great for your skin and hair.  It makes skin look younger and healthier.  Who wouldn’t want that?
  4. If you wonder why your nailsChelsea Crockett - Dairy Products get dry and brittle, it’s probably because you’re not getting enough Vitamin B and calcium.  Foods rich in these include meat, eggs, cheese, and definitely milk!
  5. Does anybody else have those dark, puffy circles under your eyes?  Besides more sleep, a healthy diet can reduce those unwanted rings below your eyes.  Leafy green vegetables are the best way to do so.


            Stick to a healthy diet and start eating your “beauty foods!”

                                                Love, Chels