Cucumbers are such an unusual vegetable! They have so many awesome beauty uses. Did you know that they can be used as an anti-wrinkle remedy? Stay tuned for more awesome uses of this great veggie.

chelsea crockett cucumber

1. Anti-Wrinkle- Like I said earlier, cucumbers can be applied to your skin to tighten the collagen in your skin, which tightens wrinkles! It also reduces the look of cellulite and also reduce the puffiness around your eyes.

3. Bad Breath Relief– Place a slice of cucumber on the roof of your mouth. Hold it there for 30 seconds. It kills the bacteria in your mouth!

2. Sunburn Treatment– No aloe in your medicine cabinet? No worries! Just rub a slice of cucumber over your burns or irritated skin.

4. Energy Booster– You can replace coffee and energy drinks with a cucumber! The carbohydrates and B vitamins give you a long lasting and healthy energy boost.

5. Cheap Facial- Boil a sliced up cucumber. Remove it from the heat, lean over the pot, and let the steam open your pores.


Not only are cucumbers adorable characters on Veggie Tales, but they are also the worlds best kept beauty secret! Who knew? Now you do!

XOXO, Chels