Out of the abundance of beauty products in the world, most wouldn’t consider Vaseline anywhere near the top of the list. But unlike most products, Vaseline has several life-saving uses that little people know about! Here are some that I couldn’t live without, and you shouldn’t either :).

  1. Believe it or not, Vaseline can act as an eye makeup remover.Chelsea Crockett - Vaseline Remover It works perfectly to erase any mascara on your lashes or left underneath your eye. It’ll also hydrate your lashes and make your skin a little smoother!
  2. If you don’t have any aloe around, apply some Vaseline to your sunburn. My favorite way to do this is right before I go to sleep. Wherever your burn is, rub in some Vaseline and wear a long-sleeved shirt or pants. That way your Vaseline won’t rub off when you crawl into bed.
  3. What is one thing every girl dreams of having? Perfect eyebrows… DUH! Vaseline is great for defining your brows but only in certain amounts. Don’t apply too much or your brows will look greasy.
  4. This one is a little more widely known. Some scented chap sticks or balms can sometimes have an opposite reaction to chapped lips, or they do absolutely nothing at all. Vaseline guarantee’s recovery to smooth, soft lips and even adds a little shine :)!
  5. As a beauty guru, I always want to tell my insiders the best way to do things at the cheapest price. Instead of spending the money on cheek highlighters or illuminators, lightly swipe on a thin layer of Vaseline on your cheek bones to seal your look.

There you have it… an inexpensive way to tons of beauty cheats! Order some here!