Dorm rooms are the perfect place to express your personality and personal style! These simple DIY’s can spruce up your dorm room and make it feel a little more “you”!


Photo wall art: What makes your dorm room more “you” than pictures of your friends and family?! There are some really cool ways to display your photos. One way is to arrange them in cool shapes, such as a heart, like the example below! You can also take string and attach it to your wall with thumb tacks and then hang pictures on the string with clothes pins, like the picture below!

Chelsea Crockett dorm roomchelsea crockett dorm room




Another DIY that not only spruces up your dorm but is also fab for storage is colored jars! By taking mason jars and swishing paint around in the jar, you coat the inside and create a super adorable room accent! You can keep pens and pencils in them, hair ties, paper clips, anything that you want!



The last way that you can make your dorm feel more perky is by hanging twinkling lights inside your dorm, whether it is from the ceiling, your bed, or on your walls. Twinkling lights can give your room a calming sense and help you feel more like home, and they can turn any gloomy dorm room into a twinkling, cheery one!

 chelsea crockett twinkling lights


Hopefully these help you brighten up your dorm room!

XOXO, Chels