Vitamins do not only have certain health benefits such as boosting your immune system or providing energy; but, they also help in improving your skin.  Many of the vitamins you take in daily are doing wonders for your skin and you don’t even know it!  I’m here to bring these benefits to your attention so you can make sure you’re getting what you need for flawless skin!

  1. Vitamin A.  This one applies mostly for adults, but is still beneficial for us teens!  Vitamin A helps reduce the wrinkles on your face.  It also helps diminish acne and replenish dry skin, as well!
  2. Vitamin B.  You can’t go wrong with a cream or lotion that contains vitamin B as an ingredient.  It helps moisturize your pores and reduce irritation… what more could you ask for?
  3. Vitamin C.  This one will be useful for the sunny seasons coming up!  Besides the obvious fact that it boosts your immune system, vitamin C helps reduce the amount of sun damage on your skin.  Chelsea Crockett - TanningIf you can’t beat the heat, vitamin C also helps repair your sunburnt skin tissue :).
  4. Vitamin E.  This is also perfect for the summery months ahead!  This can help reduce the effects of the sun on your skin; so, don’t be afraid to lay out on the beach for a couple of hours :).  Eating foods high in Vitamin E works to prevent early aging, as well.
  5. Vitamin K.  This vitamin is perfect to brighten up your eyes.  It’s known for reducing those unwanted dark circles.


Good luck! – Chelsea