There are hundreds of rumors that circle the beauty world daily. Whether they’re related to acne, hair, makeup, etc., they can be proved to be true or false with a few simple facts. I’ve heard a lot of things said about acne and breakouts that I couldn’t resist finding out the truth behind them. I found some facts that totally bust these common acne misconceptions!Chelsea Crockett - Acne Care Tips

  • “Makeup makes your acne worse.” False! Of course there are some brands and products that your skin won’t like and often breakout in response to them. But finding the right makeup for your skin can actually improve your acne by absorbing harmful oils.
  • “Your acne has nothing to do with your diet.” False! Eating foods high in sugar and fat can trigger acne. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat junk food every once in a while, but eating it for every meal can be the cause of your breakouts!
  • “Toothpaste can get rid of pimples.” False! Sometimes, yes, toothpaste can dry out your acne and speed up the healing process, but toothpaste isn’t made for your skin! Toothpaste can cause irritation and breakouts, especially if you have sensitive skin.
  • “Washing your face several times throughout the day can get rid of breakouts.” False! Of course washing your face is something you should do daily, but doing too much of anything can often hurt instead of help. Washing your face too much can make your skin extra dry and cause irritation. Be careful with how you deal with your breakouts.

Hopefully these helped you clear up some unanswered questions about acne! What other common myths do you know to be proved false? Share with me below :)!

XO – Chelsea