Ever heard of Bare Minerals? If not, then you are in for a treat! This brand does not only have a wide variety of different products, but amazing quality and prices as well. Just like every makeup brand, I have a few specific products that are on my must-have list when I’m in need of some makeup! Here are a few Bare Minerals items that I can’t live without!

If you are ever in need of some eyeliner, Bare Minerals should be at the top of your list. The best quality of their eyeliners is how long they last. No girl likes when their makeup starts to fade only an hour into the day. Chelsea Crockett - Bare Minerals EyelinerTheir Lasting Line™ Long-Wearing line of eyeliner comes in eight different shades such as Nonstop Navy and Eternal Bronze. You can find the perfect shade for your eye color to make them pop :)!

For those who are new to the makeup world, Bare Minerals has five makeup starter kits to choose from. Each kit can help a new makeup user get the perfect complexion. Whether you’re super tan or super pale, most of the kits come in eight different shades, so you can find what is right for your skin tone.

Besides all the eye shadows, foundations, and mascaras, Bare Minerals also has several cleansing products that serve many different purposes. They offer an exfoliating treatment cleanser, a purifying facial cleanser, and a deep cleansing foam. Those are only a few of the hundreds of other products they offer, so hop on to their website and check them out yourself! Links to the above products are below!


Eyeliners – http://tiny.cc/BareMineralsEyeliners

Makeup Starter Kit – http://tiny.cc/BareMinerals_StarterKit