It’s crazy how makeup can make a person look so different! While we want to look young and bright, sometimes makeup can make us look dull or even older (not in a good way). So how can we stop this from happening? Keep on reading to see if you’re applying makeup incorrectly!Chelsea Crockett- exfoliate

  • Don’t pass up primer! Primer minimizes your pores and keeps makeup on longer! You won’t have to worry about weird lines or big pores, especially around your nose.
  • Make sure you’re using the correct foundation. Don’t pack on too much powder or liquid foundation and make sure you are using the correct shade.
  • Don’t dye your hair all one color. If you go to a stylist, ask him/her to add warmth or another tone into your hair! It’ll help make your face glow!
  • Not exfoliating regularly will lead to a buildup of dirt and dry skin. By exfoliating, you’ll be giving your face completely new skin!
  • Wear SPF every day! While you may not notice how it’s changing your skin now, you will when you’re older!

Let’s feel youthful forever!