Products are a girl’s best friend.  Whether its perfume to make us smell good, hairspray to keep our hair in check, sunscreen to protect our skin, or foundation to cover those pesky pimples, products keep us feeling and looking beautiful; but did you know that overusing products happens too often?  Most girls don’t know the proper amount of what they’re using.  I’ll break it down into an easy guide of how much to use for each of my favorite beauty essentials.Chelsea Crockett- quarter size of conditioner

  • Overdoing it on conditioner is easy, especially if your hair is really tangled; but using too much can cause your hair to be greasy! Next time, try using an amount the size of a quarter!
  • Spraying your hair too close can leave it looking stiff or clumped together. Spray your hairspray approx. 4-6 inches from your hair.
  • Never have your flat iron or curling iron above 350 degrees! No one wants burnt hair!
  • Sunscreen can be oily and clog pores. Don’t use more than the size of a nickel to cover your face.
  • Using too much liquid foundation can make you look “fake” or “cakey”. You only need about the size of a dime to cover your entire face. You’re pretty just the way you are!
  • If you use a foam styling product to make your hair curly or to give it volume, use an amount the size of an egg!
  • Never swipe your mascara more than 10 times or it’ll look clumped!

Using the proper amount of product is key to getting the most use out of your beauty essentials!