Hello Ladies!

            Have you ever walked into a hair salon nervous about the results?  You brought a picture, but it never turns out the same.  You have long blonde hair and want something different.  What about short brown hair or layered highlighted hair?  How will you ever know what it will look like on you?!  Try a virtual makeover!Chelsea Crockett- virtual makeover

            Virtual makeovers are the newest internet craze!  Now, it’s easier than ever to see what you would look like with a new and different hairstyle.  It’s SO simple!  Upload your photo to one of the virtual hair styling websites, which will be listed below, and get started!  Make sure your photo is just a picture of just your face.  If you have bangs, pull them back and put your hair in a ponytail.  Try to make your virtual makeover as realistic as possible!  Once you’ve uploaded your photo, pick a celebrity hairstyle you like or one of the stylist suggested hair styles to try on.  The hair style will then go on your head and you can see exactly what you’d look like if you had that hairstyle!  Before you try something new at the hair salon, check out what it’d look like on you first.  Go get started!