Detoxing your body is a big thing these days. You detox your body, so why not detox your HAIR! Your strands are FullSizeRender (95)bombarded with chemicals and products on a daily basis, and over time that stuff can really take a toll on it. They can weigh it down, make it dull and lifeless, and unhealthy! A simple way to detox your hair involves only two things: your favorite shampoo and sea salt! Sea salt is full of minerals. It removes dead skin cells, dirt and product from your hair and de-greases it without stripping the natural oils from it! Is your hair in need of a boost? Try out this easy detox!

Mix 3 parts course sea salt with 2 parts shampoo together and wash your hair with it.  If your hair is in need of a little moisture, add in some coconut oil! Wash your hair with the mixture and then thoroughly rinse with cool water. Now, this shampoo is not to use as your everyday shampoo. Just use it once a month or so to detox your hair and give it a fresh start. Using the mixture too often may dry your hair and scalp!

Give your hair the detox it deserves!

XOXO, Chels