Hey insiders!

            As you can see, being active is a big part of my life.  I’ve made exercise videos, written articles, and posted tweets all dedicated to staying healthy and fit.  As far as the actual exercising itself, I’ve seen most athletes decked out in Nike, Under Armor, and other big named brands; however, there are many athletic brands that go unnoticed, yet have great quality and the cutest gear!Chelsea Crockett - Athletic Brands

            Most of us wouldn’t think twice about American Eagle carrying athletic wear, but turns out they actually have a big selection.  From shirts to shorts and hoodies to half-zips, they have any kind of gear you’re looking for.  With great quality and reasonable prices, AE is a must-stop next time you’re at the mall!

If you’ve never heard of Lulu Lemon, you’re in for a treat!  Although their prices are a little high, the quality and variety of the clothes they have is amazing.  You can find it on almost any celeb in Hollywood.  They’re clothes are extremely comfortable and light-weight for exercising.  Perfect for a Christmas wish listJ.

Forever 21 also carries a wide variety of workout gear that you don’t want to miss out on!  Of course, with Forever’s amazing prices, you can buy all types of gear without spending all your cash.

Enjoy! – Chelsea