We all know that babies have the most sensitive skin, so why not use it on our skin?! I’ve had my fair share of skin sensitivity and never thought of trying baby products on my own skin, but it’s genius! Find out which products work best for adults and get your own baby soft skin!Chelsea Crockett- dry shampoo baby powder

  • With winter comes crazy dry skin. The fix? Try using diaper rash cream on extremely dry areas, especially your hands! No, this is not a joke!
  • Use baby oil to remove waterproof mascara!
  • If your skin reacts badly to fragrance, dyes, or chemicals, use baby sunscreen for your skins protection!
  • Baby lotions that contain oatmeal are perfect to use as a full body lotion for adults! You’ll find your skin to be healthier and softer!
  • Use baby wipes to get rid of deodorant stains from your clothes!
  • If you don’t want to spend the money on dry shampoo, try baby powder! It works just as well.
  • If your laundry detergent makes you itchy, try “free and clear” detergent for babies!
  • Baby detangling spray works as a great leave-in conditioner for adults!

There’s no shame in having sensitive skin…just grab a few baby products!