Hey insiders!  Although I’m mostly a makeup girl, I love, love, love trying out new polishes and designs on my nails.  In my last Buy & Try video, I mentioned a couple nail polishes that I tried out and absolutely adored!  Since school’s almost here, I’m going to suggest a few of the best colors that’ll make you pop this school year.

            One of my new favorite brands of nail color is called “Starrily.”  The coolest thing about these polishes is that they are homemade.  Their colors are also super fun, unique, and great quality.  Most of the polishes look like glittery confetti and are very bright and colorful, which I love!  If you want more of a simple look, they also carry solid polishes that are just as cute.Chelsea Crockett - Starrily Nail Polishes

             A really big trend of the summer has been bold, colorful nails.  I’ve seen many celebrities almost everywhere mixing bright pink and blue polishes with a duller look to add a pop to their outfits.  Although it was a summer trend, I think bringing it into the school year is a perfect way to catch peoples’ attention on your first dayWink!

             And of course, you can’t forget the naturals.  Grays, tans, and whites are a timeless trend when it comes to nails.  Adding a topcoat of shimmer or sparkles will still give you that fun look you want but at the same time, it keeps it simple.  Enjoy!

                                                            Love, Chels

Grab some Starrily Nail Polishes here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Starrily