As hard as it is to say it, school is quickly approaching.  As for me, I’m headed off to college on the other side of the country!  Whether you’re starting college, high school, or even junior high, there are certain essentials you’ll need to take with you every day to school.  This will help you survive any hair or beauty emergencies you may experience!

  • A Makeup Bag.  First comes first, you’ll need a small bag to put all of your items in.  I would recommend a makeup bag because they’re stylish and come in all different sizes, patterns, and colors!Chelsea Crockett - Back to School Bag
  • Mini Deodorant.  There are too many times when I leave the house forgetting to apply deodorant or perfume, and it’s the worse!  Keep a small, travel size deodorant in your bag for those forgetful days.
  • Shout Wipes/Tide Stick.  A good day can easily be ruined by a stained shirt.  Shout wipes can come in handy when you need them most!
  • Concealer/Foundation.  Whenever I cover up a pesky pimple, it seems to make its way out throughout the day.  Carry some concealer and/or foundation so you can reapply!
  • Money.  There are so many times when I show up to school forgetting I need cash for a t-shirt, field trip dues, etc.  It’s always good to carry around some extra cash!

As for what not to bring, don’t waste space on things that will most likely already be provided in class or at school.  Things such as tissues, medicines, band aids, etc. will probably be available if you ask!  Think of things that you’ll need in case of emergency that they won’t have for you there!

I hope that’s helpful! – Chelsea