We all have our bad habits: gum chomping, nail biting, constantly fidgeting around, you name it!  There are hundreds and hundreds of bad habits that we perform each and every day; but did you know that some of these habits can actually be bad for your health?!  Keep on reading to see if you have a bad habit and how to stop it!

Food is one of my favorite things in the whole world.  I mean who doesn’t love a good snack?!  Unfortunately, many of us tend to snack when we are bored or when we aren’t even hungry!  Eventually, these snacks add up and can cause unexpected weight gain.  Also, if you are constantly snacking on junk food it can lead to diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.  Instead, try snacking on fruits or vegetables.  Make yourself perfectly portioned meals and limit yourself to one or two snacks a day!

Shopping is a girl’s best friend and worst-enemy.  Spending hours in the mall can run your wallet dry!  Most of the time, we end of buying clothing items that we don’t need or will only wear once.  Next time you go to the mall, bring a limited amount of cash; that way you won’t spend your life’s savings.  Also, before purchasing an item, try envisioning multiple places you could wear it.  If you can only think of a couple, then put it back on the shelf. Chelsea Crockett- shopping habit

A bad habit that I am guilty of is over-thinking and stressing about everything!  When life throws a million things at you it’s hard not to worry.  These stresses can start to take over your life and daily thoughts.  It’s horrible!  Instead, try to focus on the positive and make a list of everything you’re thankful for.  In no time, you’ll realize that most of the stuff you are worried about is small.

Everyone has a bad habit or two.  Once you learn how to get rid of them, life gets a little easier!