Everybody has a habit or two they need to break. One of mine is waiting until I have one clean pair of socks left to do laundry. While that one is totally harmless, other habits can be more crucial to break. Some of these habits happen at night! Bad night beauty habits can be tough to break, but doing so can help you lead to a more beautiful life!

  1. Not taking off all of your makeup: Pleeeease don’t break this rule! All sorts of germs and gunk builds up on your face during the day, including your makeup, which makes it a breeding ground for bacteria. It only takes a few minutes to give your face a good cleaning with a makeup wipe and some cleanser, and it will prevent future breakouts!
  2. Sleeping in a ponytail: Sleeping with your hair in a ponytail can cause major breakage and can cause hair loss overtime! Let your hair free while you sleep.

    woman asleep with smudged lipstick

  3. Not switching your pillowcase often: Between your face and your hair, your pillowcase encounters a lot of oils and bacteria during the night. That gathers up on your pillowcase! Switch out your pillowcase once a week to keep the bacteria at bay.
  4. Checking your phone: We all do it, but that doesn’t mean it is good! In order to get the best sleep possible, put your phone away two hours before you hit the hay. The bright screen causes your brain to not be able to shut off. Want to avoid eye bags? Put the phone away.


Hopefully these nighttime beauty habits help you get your beauty sleep!

XOXO, Chels