No, the title of this article does not mean to go put your makeup in the oven. It’s a trending way to increase the wear of your makeup and make your skin look flawless! Of course, you’ll have to carry out a few steps to complete the look.

First, you need to find a concealer and foundation that match your skin type and color. Make sure the foundation is a loose powder, this is a necessity! Start how you wouldChelsea Crockett - Loose Powder start any other makeup look by applying and blending your concealer. Next apply your loose powder by layering it on your cheeks, forehead, or wherever else you please. Then, let it sit for about 5 minutes. Some websites say 1-3, others say 5-10. I recommend a happy medium! After waiting, dust off the remaining powder. This leaves you with a thin layer of nicely set powder.

You might be worried that it looks caked on or over the top. Try it out for yourself! As long as you don’t do this to your whole face, you should be just fine! If you want to take it a step further, finish with a setting spray. It’s that simple! Try it out for yourself :).

XO – Chelsea