I will never forget the day I bought my first tube of makeup. I was at Victoria’s Secret. I saw this adorable color of lip gloss. I just had to have it! Learning to apply makeup and what looks best on us is a very big part of our growing up process. In this article I am going to outline the teen beauty basics.

Chelsea Crockett Basics For Teen Beauty

Chelsea Crockett Basics For Teen Beauty

Your best bet as a teen is to keep it simple. A huge issue for teens is covering up blemishes and acne. You don’t want to use lots of product just to make yourself look older- enjoy your youth and appreciate your vitality!

Here is my list of gotta-have-it teen products:

  1. Concealer
  2. Foundation stick
  3. Clear brow gel
  4. Light colored or sheer eye shadow
  5. Tinted lip balm, light pink or sheer lip gloss

I like to suggest keeping your makeup natural and light. It is so much easier to do this than to have to worry about spending huge amounts of time trying to alter your appearance. Just be yourself! The most important thing to remember is that you don’t want to cake on too much makeup. Stick to the basics, and use a small amount of color. You are truly stunning just as you are without makeup. Even though we commonly associate it with maturing and getting older, wearing too much won’t make you older. Β The less makeup you wear, or if you wear it in a classy way, the more mature you look.

Put your comments below on what your basics are for your beauty look.