Need a quick beauty fix, but don’t have time to run to the store?  No problem, just open up your fridge!  Surprisingly, your refrigerator is filled with fruits, vegetables, and other foods that can be turned into excellent beauty products.  Many fresh foods are packed with vitamins and minerals, which are perfect to apply to your skin.  See if the foods below are in your fridge and how they can be used!

Pineapples:  Bags under your eyes can leave you looking tired throughout the day and can totally mess up your makeup look.  Cut a slab of pineapple and place it under your eyes for 10 minutes.  The acid in pineapple will remove dead skins cells, leaving the skin looking brighter!

Carbonated Water:  This fizzy water is perfect as a final hair treatment and for removing split ends.  After conditioning your hair in the shower, rinse the conditionerChelsea Crockett- carbonated water out with the carbonated water instead of the shower head.  It’s quite the elegant hair treatment!

Honey:  Make your own hydrating shampoo with honey!  Mix 3 tablespoons of water with one tablespoon of honey.  This all-natural shampoo mixture will cleanse and hydrate your hair without all the suds. 

Pomegranates:  The juice in this fruit is filled with nutrients that help regenerate cells.  Blend the seeds and juice with almond milk for a refreshing lotion.  Massage the mixture onto your face, neck, and hands for a softening, glowing effect. 

Sweet Potatoes:  If your skin is feeling dull, boil and mash together a sweet potato to create a mask.  This mask will hydrate the skin and replenish it with minerals.