Being a girl is hard, especially with all the boy problems, friend problems, and school problems going on in our lives. Apart from those, us girls also have to encounter many beauty problems that are such a hassle! Although there may not be easy fixes for other issues, there are many solutions to beauty problems that are simple, quick, and cheap!

  • If your eyeliner ever crumbles or cracks while putting it on, try freezing your eyeliner. It may sound dumb but after leaving it in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes before using, it’ll set perfectly on your eyelid.Chelsea Crockett - Loose Curls
  • If you want highlights or simply lighter hair, try using lemon juice instead of expensive dyes or salon prices. I suggest putting a little juice wherever you want it lighter and then staying outside in the sun for a few hours. The sun is the key for making this work!
  • Did you know toothpaste isn’t only for your teeth? You can actually use toothpaste to get rid of your pimples! Put a little dab of it on your acne, go to sleep, and wash it off with a warm washcloth in the morning. Make sure you use a paste and not a gel toothpaste.
  • Every girl wants the perfect beach wave to her hair. I know from experience that it’s not the easiest thing to accomplish! If you curl your hair into super tight curls and sleep on it, you’ll wake up with loose, beachy curls! Set in your waves with some hairspray and you are set!

I hope these help solve your next beauty crisis!