Ridiculous beauty routines and stories are all over the internet these days!  “Don’t do that, it’s bad for you” or “Do this, it’ll make you younger” are often seen as headlines for almost every idea or product that’s ever been sought out.  It can get exhausting; but no worries Insiders, I’m here to break some of the toughest beauty myths out there.  It’s time to get some answers!

  1. “Use petroleum jelly to make your lashes grow longer.” FALSE. There are many products on the market that aid in eyelash growth, but this isn’t one of them. Use of petroleum jelly can actually clog glands in your eyes leaving them in discomfort or infected!
  2. “Toothpaste will help take care of a breakout.” FALSE. I can assure you that using toothpaste on a zit will not get rid of it. Instead, it will dry out your skin and could lead to irritation.
  3. “Products that make my face feel cool or tingly are good!” FALSE. Chances are your skin is trying to fight off irritation. This can eventually lead to swelling and inflammation.
  4. “Skin never adapts to facial products.” TRUE. As long as you apply products that make your skin clear and healthy, those products will never stop working.
  5. “Dark spots are just from old age.” FALSE. Dark spots and most freckles are caused by damage to the skin from overexposure to the sun. In order to keep your Chelsea Crockett- frecklesskin in tip top shape, make sure to apply SPF!

Mysteries solved!