I’m sure many of you have heard some ridiculous beauty statements that either seem too good to be true or completely false!  It can be hard to decide whether or not these beauty myths are true.  Let’s break them down and get to the facts!Chelsea Crockett- washing hair

  1. “Washing your hair every day is bad for it.”  MOSTLY FALSE.  If you have oily hair, it is understandable to wash your hair every day.  It won’t do any harm to it.  If your hair is coarse or dry, you may want to wash your hair every other day.  Shampoo can dry out hair, so you don’t want to make your hair dryer than it already is.
  2. “Hair grows back thicker after you shave it.”  FALSE.  Whenever we shave our leg hair, it cuts through the middle of the hair creating a straight line.  This creates the illusion of thicker leg hair even though it’s the same size and same color.  Nothing is different!
  3. “Putting makeup on zits makes them worse.”  TRUE.  If you’re trying to cover up a pesky zit with an oil based or heavy cream concealer, you’re probably going to make it worse!  When you pack on the makeup your pores cannot breathe, therefore collecting more dirt.  Try covering it up with a light powder or go all natural!
  4. “Split ends can be repaired.”  Unfortunately, FALSE.  There are many hair care products out today claiming they can repair split ends.  Well, I’m sad to report that these beauty brands are telling you tales.  The only true way to banish split ends is to cut them off!
  5. “Chocolate, pizza, and French fries will give me zits!”  FALSE.  Indulging in greasy food every once in a while will do no harm.  It’s your regular diet that will determine whether or not you have nice skin.  If your entire diet consists of chocolate, pizza, and French fries, then it’s very possible that you will have acne.  Enjoy these types of food minimally.

BOOM, busted!!  Now you know the truth about these tricky beauty myths!