Whether it’s with your college roommate or at a sleepover, it’s easy to get beauty products mixed up or forget to bring your own. Sharing anything from makeup to facewash doesn’t sound like a big deal, right? Wrong! Using other’s beauty products spreads bacteria and can even lead to infection! Check out which products should be avoided!Chelsea Crockett- sharing mascara

  • Eye makeup and mascara are the very worst to share with friends. Since your eye is watery, it is a trap for bacteria. Avoid an eye infection by keeping your eye makeup to yourself!
  • Admit it; most of us are guilty of not cleaning our makeup brushes. Brushes can hold on to bacteria and dirt, which can make yours or a friends face breakout!
  • Cold sores, sore throats, and other sicknesses can be transferred through lip gloss and lipstick! Keep those to yourself!
  • Facial cleansing brushes are a no-go when it comes to sharing. This can lead to a skin infection, especially if you have any type of rash or acne prone area! Anything that touches open sores shouldn’t be shared!
  • Razors are never meant to be shared…I mean, do I even need to go into detail on this one?

If reading this doesn’t make you want to keep your beauty products to yourself, then I don’t know what does! Let’s practice safe beauty!