Girls, we all agree our lives get tough sometimes.  Between bad hair days and smeared mascara, we have seen it all!  Here are a few “under the radar” beauty tips that most girls don’t know about!

If you are one of those people that prefer morning showers than night, I’m going to guess you have had that 20 second blow dry that doesn’t quite do the trick.  I suggest setting apart three minutes of your morning and dry the necessary parts of your hair: the front and top.  If you can settle down the fizziness around your scalp and the outline of your face, you will look 100x more finished then those “20 second blow dry” days!

Chelsea Crockett - Plump LipsPlump lips are the dream of any girl, and I know just the secret to getting them.  Before adding your favorite lip gloss, add a little dab of white eye shadow in the crease above your upper lip.  Sounds a little weird, I know, but this tip actually works!  Try it out for yourself!

Dry skin is another struggle we all go through.  There is nothing better than a warm shower, I totally understand, but don’t be afraid to take a cool shower every once and a while!  When we take hot showers, we instantly get out into the cold air of our bathroom which leads to dry skin.  Don’t forget to apply your favorite lotion afterwards :)!

Hope these tips help you lovely ladies out! – Chels