AH INSIDERS!! BeautyCon LA was absolutely dreamy and I can’t wait to tell you about it! I was so excited to get to hug so many of you in person!! The smiles I saw made what I do so worth it!

The LA weekend started off with the Teen Vogue and Neutrogena party with a bunch of my beauty babes. We live all over the U.S., so getting to hang out with some of my fav YouTube friends is always a blast! I love soaking in every moment. The next morning I headed over to the AwesomenessTV Studios to discuss some secret projects *wink, wink*! Once the meetings were over, I got some time to soak in the Santa Monica sun with Lexi, Ana, Rachel, and my family! Now that the day was over, I was pretty excited to get to bed after a long day (who doesn’t love a nice and fluffy hotel bed?). Let’s just say sleeping was a little difficult with how excited I was. Next stop? BEAUTYCON!Chelsea Crockett- BeautyCon LA

Pulling up to BeautyCon gave me a rush of excitement! I couldn’t wait to get to my meet and greet to see you all. When I saw how many of you were lined up I couldn’t believe my eyes! You guys are incredible!! I wish I could’ve meet and talked to each and every one of you! Thank you for being the high light of my day! I also had a panel later in the day with Barbie! It was so fun to meet new faces, including Madison Pettis (like whaaaat?!), and I love hearing all the amazing girls talk about their journey! I was excited when my website got brought up at the panel. My team and I put so much work in it, which was so rewarding to talk about!

I could talk about my BeautyCon LA experience forever! If I had to sum up the weekend in two words it would be: THANK YOU! Thank you for watching my videos, thank you for lifting me up, and thank you for putting a smile on my face. I do it all for YOU! I love my Insiders and hope to see you next time I attend BeautyCon!