I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for finding the best mascaras.  Whether I’m feeling a natural look for the day or want my lashes to look big and full, I always have to try a few mascaras before I fall in love with one.  Benefit’s “They’re Real” collection has a wide selection of products to give you the bold eyes you’re looking for!

  • They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara ($24). Chelsea Crockett - Benefit Products Drugstore mascara might be a lot cheaper but they’re not giving you the amazing quality this mascara does.  It lengthens, volumizes, and lifts your eyelashes to give you beautiful lashes all day long!
  • They’re Real! Gel Eyeliner Pen ($12).  If you like matte, waterproof products, then you’ll love this eyeliner pen!  It applies smoothly to your eyelid and is guaranteed to stay on for 24 hours.  It comes in 5 different colors so you can get creative with your makeup!
  • They’re Real! Tinted Primer ($12).  Primer makes a world of a difference.  This brown tinted primer will give you the base you need to apply the lengthening mascara I mentioned above.  These two products will give you your dream lashes!
  • They’re Real! Double the Lip ($20).  I’ve never seen a product like this that works so well!  The lipstick itself is shaped like a teardrop, with the tip being lip liner and the rest of it being lipstick.  So you get two products in one!

I hope you check out this collection!  I promise you, their products are some of the best out there!

XO – Chelsea