Ever wondered what kind of pants would flatter your body type the best? Look no further! In this article I will explain to you which kind of jeans give you the look you are looking for.

If You Want To: Lengthen your legs

Look for jeans that almost graze the floor, but don’t. Avoid pants that are too long, because they drown girls with smaller silhouettes. Also avoid pants that are cuffed or rolled at the bottoms because they emphasize the shortness of the legs. Aim for the perfect length, which is long, but not too long.flare-cut-jeans chelsea crockett


If You Want To: Create some curves

Pants with zippers or other details at the hips and upper thighs draw the eyes outward and round you out. You also want jeans with detailed back pockets, which give a flat booty a little somethin-somethin. Avoid back pockets that are too large, which overwhelm a smaller butt.

 back pocket chelsea crockett

If You Want To: Thin out your thighs

Choose skinny jeans. For real! Just make sure they’re either a dark wash or darker up top than on bottom, like ombre. Avoid jeans that are lighter on top than on bottom. Look for pants that flair out at the bottom, like bell-bottoms, because they counterbalance your prorportions and draw the eye down. Also avoid bleached or faded patches at the thighs, which will make them look larger.


Next time you go shopping for jeans, keep these handy dandy tips in mind!

XOXO, Chels