The task of getting the perfect selfie can be a tough process. Obviously the right angle and lighting is key, but picking the perfect edit is the final ingredient! I love playing around with different filters to see which one makes my photo look best. There are three apps I use in particular that I’ve been obsessed with!

  • VSCO is one of my favorite apps for editing any picture. There are tons of filters that will give your photo more of a professional look. Chelsea Crockett - FacetuneYou can adjust all aspects of your selfie from lighting to sharpness to undertones. You can even post your edited pictures to your VSCO feed to share with others!
  • This app is one of the most complex editing apps there is. You can do almost anything from teeth whitening to getting rid of dark circles or blemishes. There are also filters for you to finish off the job!
  • Afterlight was one of the first apps I used to edit my pictues. Just like VSCO, there are tons of filters and different edits to customize your selfie. It’s $0.99 but definitely worth it!

Which is your favorite selfie editing app? Let me know and I’ll try it out for myself! 🙂

XO – Chels