There’s an endless amount of different articles and websites explaining how to prevent and reduce acne. But let’s be real girls, it is NOT that easy! The harsh reality of acne isn’t so sweet. Most of the time, we tend to break out right before a special date or school pictures… Nowadays there is a wide variety of products available to help cover up your blemishes. Here are some remedies and ways to cover up and conceal those imperfections in no time!

First off, don’t try popping a pimple while you are walking out the door. This just causes more redness and swelling, bringing more attention to it. To help the swelling go down quickly, try applying cold compresses to it for about 10 minutes. Another remedy (which is a little strange but extremely helpful) is applying eye drops to your pimple. Weird, right? But it works, I promise!

SChelsea Crockett - Clinique Advanced Concealerecond, concealing your acne is a must. Make sure your face is clean and moisturized before applying your makeup, especially your concealer. You don’t want your makeup coming off only an hour into the day. One of the best products is Clinique’s Advanced Concealer. Especially for those with sensitive skin, Clinique’s concealer is excellent to cover up your imperfections. It comes in two different shades and is the perfect camouflage :). After concealing, take an eye shadow brush and dip it in loose powder that matches your skin tone. Dab it onto the area you want it. This will help the makeup stay on your skin instead of sliding off.

Have any other good ways you use to make your acne disappear? If so, leave a comment in the section below!