Hi Girls,

            Bobby pins are one of the biggest hair style savers.  They can create the most beautiful up-dos, pin back unwanted hair, and aid to any hair style you want.  They are also great if you are trying to grow out your bangs.  One of the best features of bobby pins is how they seem almost “invisible” in your hair.  Try some of these easy hairstyles with the help of bobby pins!Chelsea Crockett- bobby pin up dos

            If you are trying to grow out your bangs or just want them out of your face for the day, then bobby pins are the way to go.  Try simply twisting or braiding your bangs and pinning them back.  This looks great with straight, curled, or wavy hair.  To make a pony tail more elegant, leave a strand of your hair from the bottom out of your pony tail.  Wrap the loose hair around the pony tail and secure it with bobby pins; this way you can’t see the hair tie!  Try this with a loose or tight pony tail to go with any look.  If you’re looking for an elegant hair style, try pinning up all of your hair.  Start by curling all of your hair tightly.  Take small strands and wrap them into small coils and bobby pin each piece in the back.  Once all of your hair is up pull a few loose strands from the front of your face to make the look softer.  Since you aren’t using any hair ties, be sure to hair spray your hair.

            Bobby pins are a wonder for any and all hairstyles!  Comment below if you know of a great way to use bobby pins or if you try one of the styles above.

I love you all!