Having long hair is really trendy right now.  Long parted down the middle hair can be seen on almost every celebrity.  I’ve got really long, thick hair and it can get over-whelming sometimes.  If you have hair like me, then you don’t know what to do with it most days.  Do I Chelsea Crockett- long hair hollywood waveswear it up, down, parted to the middle, or parted to the side?  I’m here to take away that struggle!  Here are a few simple ways for a fresher look with your long hair.

            The way you part your hair is the first step to creating your look: left, right, or straight down the middle.  You choose!  A great way to keep your long locks out of your face with still leaving your hair down is to wear it half up, half down.  Keep your part and grab a small chunk from each side and pin in the back.  You can even use bobby pins with rhinestones to create a dressier look.  Have fun with it!  If you’re running late in the morning, turn your head upside down and spray lots of hair spray.  Give your head a good shake and there you go!  This will give you that messy look and lots of volume.

            Chelsea Crockett- long hair half up half downAnother fun way to wear your long hair is to go old school Hollywood glam.  Curl your hair into tight curls and pull the section of your hair opposite your part and pin it behind your ears.  It’s perfect for a school dance or special occasion.  Experiment with your long hair, there are so many possibilities!