Your smile is one of the first things someone notices about you.  Whether it’s your white teeth or your bright red lipstick, your mouth draws attention from the moment you first meet someone.  That being said, summer is a time for colorful outfits and bright lipsticks such as the ones below!

You may think that lips only look good in pinks and reds, but another trendy color is orange.  One of the best ways to pull this off would be throwing on a white dress and an orange chunky necklace.  Then, put on some orange lipstick to tie the look together.  I definitely suggest orange for those with lighter hair such as a light brown or dirty blonde.

Although pinks and reds are super traditional, they are still extremely popular and seem timeless!  Hot pink and neon red look good with almost any outfit.  Lucy Hale is a perfect example of someone who can pull off both the red and hot pink lips.  The shades look flawless with her dark hair and pale skin.  Taylor Swift is also one who is iconic for red lipstick.  It’s elegant and classy and goes well with neutral colors.  As you can see below, Lucy and Taylor know how to pull off bright pink and red lips!Chelsea Crockett - Taylor Swift and Lucy Hale

So… next time you get dressed up, don’t be afraid to make your look pop with some bright, summer lips!

XOXO – Chels