Hi girls!

Store-bought face masks and scrubs can sometimes be expensive and threatening to your skin.  You have to be careful with what you pick and choose to try on your face.  Luckily, there are several household ingredients you can mix together to create your perfect face scrub to give off a brighter, smoother feel!

Brightening and toning our faces is something we could all use every once and a while.  A simple recipe for this includes strawberries, almond oil, and sugar.  There are no exact measurements for each ingredient, so you can make as much as you want and however thick you want it!  I suggest using a small dish and filling it about halfway with sugar.  Then, add a little bit of almond oil.  Smash up about four or five strawberries and add them to your paste.  The end product should be a perfect brightening scrub!

Chelsea Crockett - Cucumber ScrubTo soothe sensitive skin, we can make an easy scrub using cucumbers, avocado oil, and brown sugar.  Once again, there are no set measurements, so you can make it to your desired thickness.  For a small amount that works for about one use, take a small dish and fill it, once again, halfway with brown sugar.  Smash up your cucumbers and mix that, and the avocado oil, in with your brown sugar.  And you’re done!  Wash your face and rinse with warm water!

Let me know how your beautiful, new skin turns out!

XO – Chels