Buy and Try videos are some of my favorite videos to do on my channel. I love picking out different products and giving feedback for you guys to try them out yourself! Since I loved several of the products I tried last month, why not elaborate on a few? Here are three of my faves!

  • Botanics Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz. This was heavenly! As I said in my video, it gave my skin a gorgeous glow without drying it out. It’s only around $10 depending on where you find it. It’s 100% worth the buy! This works great on sensitive skin, hints the organic part of the product! Instead of worrying about breaking out or developing a rash, you can enjoy your smooth and toned skin.
  • ScandalEyes Lycra Flex Mascara. This mascara is GOLDEN! I can safely say I used this pretty much every day! It doesn’t rub or smear at all and maximizes your lashes to their fullest potential. If you like a thicker formula, this product is the way to go. If you’re interested, click here!Chelsea Crockett - NYX Roll On Shimmer
  • NYX Roll On Eye Shimmer. I could not get enough of this! I particularly chose the nude shade, but there are several others you can pick from. If you’re more of a bright eyed kind of person, they have colorful shades like sea foam, light blue, pink, and lots of others! I use this almost every day to give my eyes a little bit of glimmer. Click here and try it out yourself!

Have you tried any of the same products I did? Check out my latest Buy and Try video on my channel and tell me what you think!

XOXO – Chelsea