Beauty and fashion trends are always started from a popular celebrity showing off their look to anyone and everyone who sees it. For example, most of my fashion inspiration comes from Lauren Conrad! Celebrities are great at influencing young teens with different beauty trends or advice. Here are a few beauty tips from some of the biggest stars in Hollywood!

We can all agree that Beyoncé Knowles has some of the clearest and prettiest skin ever. She suggests always using a good skin moisturizer. She also says that a girl is most beautiful when she smiles, which boosts both happiness and beauty. Olay has great moisturizers that contain SPF and hydrate your skin (to check them out, click here!). If you go to a dermatologist, they often sell products that are perfect for your skin!  Also, don’t forget to drink water.  Water is the secret to clear skin and bright, white teeth!

Chelsea Crockett - Miranda  KerrMiranda Kerr, a widely known model, uses clear lip balm to highlight around her eyes. As long as you find a natural balm that won’t clog up your pores or leave too much of a thick residue on your skin, then consider using this tip more often! By adding the lip balm to the inner corners of your eyes, it lightens up the areas around them.  Try it out!

Jessica Alba is absolutely gorgeous, and she has a few secrets for highlighting her features! Her eyelash curler is her best friend and should be yours, too :)! If you think it doesn’t do anything for your lashes, try quickly blow drying the curler to heat it. Then, try curling your eyelashes and applying mascara after. They’ll look 10x better, I promise!

Good luck! – Chels