Guys are hard people to shop for. They don’t always come out and say what they want, and when you do ask them if there is something they are wanting for Christmas, the answer is often “I don’t know.” Plus, it probably seems like they have everything they want or need already! So, I have done some investigating and have come up with a short list of gift ideas that are sure to give you at least a few ideas of what to get the dudes in your life.

  1. Cool dress socks: Among my guy friends, I have found that cool socks are all the rage. Socks with cool patterns or Star Wars characters on them are a hot item!
  2. Fashionable clothes: If I have learned anything in my years of buying for both my dad and other guys in my life, it is that they rarely buy clothes for themselves. They wear their favorites over and over again. If you have a certain style of clothes that you wish the guy in your life would wear, gift it to them! That way they don’t have to go out and shop and buy it for themselves, it is just right there for them.
  3. Sweet shades: A cool pair of sunglasses is always a safe bet! Especially if you really dislike the shades he usually wears. 😉
  4. Phone gear: I saw something super cool the other day that I thought would be an awesome gift for a guy, and that is an iPhone projector! It is a case for your iPhone that literally turns into a projector! You could also get him a nice phone case, or a case that will charge his phone.pocketprojectorcase-386-261806

Hopefully this list will help you in your search for the perfect gift for the guys in your life, whether it be your dad or your boyfriend.

XOXO, Chels