Christmas is finally here insiders! It’s time to break out the wrapping paper and sugar cookies. Besides the obvious holiday preparations, you’re going to need a stunning outfit and makeup look to complete it! So… I decided to share two looks with you: natural and bold.

  1. If you want to keep it nice and simple for the holidays, this natural look is for you! Some girls don’t wear makeup all the time, so if you want to try something new for the holidays, I suggest this look! If you have an amazing outfit, you might not want to overdo it with your makeup. Try using your normal foundation with a light pink blush. Then, apply a shimmer nude or light pink eye shadow (I suggest the shimmer nude more than the pink!). If you’re a girl that can’t get enough eye liner, try to avoid the cat eye for this look. A simple thin line will look more natural! Seal your look with a maximizing mascara and a nude, matteChelsea Crockett - Christmas Makeup lipstick.
  2. As for the makeup lovers out there (like me!), you might rather go for the bolder look. Instead of a light pink blush, use a cherry colored one! For your eyes, you can never go wrong with the smoky eye, which is definitely a statement look. The normal smoky eye colors (gray, black, white) might get boring after a while. Try incorporating holiday colors such as silver or gold! Finish off your look with a red lipstick :).

There ya go! You can pick and choose which one suits you best!

Merry Christmas! – Chelsea