Hello Lovely Ladies,

            Crazy makeup trends have been all over the magazines lately.  With celebrities like Lady Gaga all over social media, colorful makeup is sure to take off.  So are makeup products like colored lipstick and mascara odd or in?  Let’s investigate!Chelsea Crockett- colored mascara

Many makeup products claim that their colored mascara will bring out the customers eye color.  Although this may be true with blue and green eyes, would you really want to have blue or green eyelashes?  It would also affect the type of eye shadow you would use and the clothes you wear.  These colored mascaras have the potential to clash easily.  I would say “no” to colored mascara.  Be natural!

Colored lipstick is different from colored mascara and a little more acceptable.  The obvious colors, like pink and red, are always classy and timeless.  They also add a little pop of color to any outfit!  So what about the other colors?  Most other colors I would say “no” to, but light purple and orange/coral are acceptable!  Purple is a mysterious color that can look really pretty paired with light colors.  Try going for a purple lipstick with a pink undertone.  Orange lipstick is great for summer and fall!  It looks great up against tan skin and is the perfect fall color.  Pair it with bright colors in the warm months and brown/tan in the chillier months.  Don’t completely say “no” to bold lipstick colors.

Sometimes it’s fun to go out on a limb with your makeup; but make sure you don’t take it too far.  Know your limits with makeup and what colors and shades are acceptable!



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