It’s easy to throw on makeup and run out the door. We’ve all done it; but have you ever looked in the mirror afterwards and seen the damage you did?! I know I’m guilty! There are so many little details we don’t think about when putting on eye make, but they’re VERY important. Keep on reading to find out the most common eye makeup mistakes, so you can stop doing them today!

Chelsea Crockett- eye highlighter

Before you begin your makeup process, priming your eye lid is SO important! Throughout the day, our shadow can start to bunch up in the creases of our eye lids. By priming your eyelid, your shadow will stay in place! Once that step is complete, it’s time to pick your shadow color. Less is more, people!!! During the day, stick to nude colors. Too many people over do their daytime eye makeup, which can look very off. Also, make sure to blend! You don’t want it to look like you put a line of color on your eye. Incorporate a little blending of the eye shadow with your upper eyeliner as well. When it comes to your water line, only apply liner to the outer corners. By putting a harsh line under your entire eye, you’re creating the illusion that your eye is smaller. No one wants that! Last, but not least, highlight! While this step might seem small, it plays a very big role! Dusting a beige or champagne highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes brightens your entire look, ties everything in, and makes your eyes whiter and bigger.

Next time you’re applying makeup, think about some of these mistakes! Are you committing a makeup crime?!